If you have black stainless steel kitchen appliances in your home, you notice that how difficult can be cleaning
Here are some tricks to clean black stainless steel kitchen.

  1. Always use microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.
    Black stainless steel can become scratched and then you will see white lines. It’s a bad idea to use a paper towel. You need microfiber cloth with is softer and don’t mess up the finish.
  2. Always move cloth in the direction of the fabric
    Sometimes black Stainless steel has a wood-like fabric to it. Look closely at your refrigerator and you’ll see some faint lines. See it?
    Always follow in thats direction.
  3. Everyday care about black stainless steel appliances in kitchen
    For everyday cleaning, simply use water dish detergent, remember about a microfiber cloth. Carefully dry the area with a second cloth to avoid water spots.
  4. There are two parts of cleaning black stainless steel appliances in kitchen
    The first step is to clean your black stainless steel kitchen appliances with soap or detergent to remove dirt and wipe it using a microfiber cloth.
    The second step is to polish the black stainless steel with a few drops of olive oil. thats the way to get a nice shine.

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