Do they make black stainless steel sinks?

Yes! There are only a few models of black stainless steel kitchen sinks on market, this is a very
rare and exclusive product for a modern kitchen. I will show you, four models, perfect to compose with black stainless steel appliances in different design styles.

1. Modern and Simple

Black stainless steel drop in sink or undermount it’s minimalistic design with oval shapes, perfect to compose in a black&white kitchen. Recommended installing into the white worktop to get color contrast. Mate black high-quality finish, easy to clean. It will be for you if you like retro style. Check Price

2. Round one

Black stainless steel undermount sink or drop ideal for more creative kitchen design, install two of them to get original double blow kitchen sink. All made from solid first class stainless steel. Best choice if you prefer Black&Azure color kitchen great idea for provencal style home. Check Price

3. Dark and Edgy

Black stainless steel kitchen sink drop in version only. If you are a fan of the rustic style with a lot of natural wood you must to look at this. That you must to have if you prefer black&bronse design, this model is the best for the deep brown wood kitchen worktop. This black stainless steel sink
is also suitable for a modern home with a black appearance that looks good with any series of modern kitchen appliances.

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There is also double blow version of this sink

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4. Black shine of Whitehaus Collection

The most exclusive black stainless steel sink on the market, perfect color suitable to Black&Red kitchen design. Install it with shiny red worktop. Special product for industrial style lovers.
This amazing stainless steel sink is equipped with rear center drain location, four diagonal
grooves for efficient draining and noise reduction dampening pads on all sides with full
undercoating for maximum soundproofing and protection against condensation.
As an added bonus the inside of the bowl has a linen texture for a more defined appearance,
easier cleanup, and scratch resistance.

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