The black color of black stainless steel is a thin layer of oxide, that’s is easy to damage or scratched by chemical detergents or inadequate cloth. If you want to your black stainless steel appliances looks well for a long time, ist important to avoid wrong cleaning tools and methots.

How to avoid scratched on your black stainless steel appliance?

  1. Always use microfiber cloth. If you scratched black stainless steel you will see white lines on it, thatch not look well. It is important to your cloth be made from soft material. Bad ideas for cleaning black stainless steel appliances is to scrubbing by steel wool, don’t do it.
  2. Chemical detergents can react with black stainless steel. Remember to avoid harsh cleaner, baking soda and cleaning product containing chlorine bleach.
  3. Black stainless steel is not simple stainless steel. However, it’s polishing silver stainless steel is quite a good idea, don’t do this with a black stainless steel appliances. It’s because you will damage black shine by polishing of wipe too hard by bad cloth or paper towel.
  4. Remember thats black stainless steel appliance is not a new car. The back color of black stainless steel is not painted it is an oxide made by a chemical reaction and it’s super tiny. Don’t put any wax on it. There is a risk that you scratched oxide or wax will damage color. Black stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion and doesn’t need any protection on.

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