There is only a few black stainless steels steel kitchen sink model on the market, I mean real oxide stainless steel. It is difficult to find it because there is no description of black stainless steel, you need some knowledge about metals to recognize suitable sink and be sure that is the same material and color as your black stainless steel appliance dishwasher.

There are over 1000 asks for google about the black stainless steel kitchen sink and results from search disappears, any shop on the internet don’t have a category black stainless steel sink. I looking for about an hour to find the first one, there is no description of that is made from black stainless steel. All of them is signed as stainless steel with a black finish and it is difficult to recognize that this is the same method of production as steel for black stainless steel appliance.

Of course, black stainless steel kitchen sink models are available in store, but You need to know something. However, the black stainless steel sink will be most elegant and best to compose with your kitchen there is one problem. The oxide on black stainless steel is very thin and if you scratched it you will see the silver color of steel and it will not look good. In the case of a sink, there is a greater risk of scratches than in a refrigerator or a dishwasher.

So there is an alternative, you can always buy granite composite and you will get a very deep black color perfect to compose with black stainless steel. Granite composite is scratch resistant and you have much more models to choose. So if you dare enough you can buy real black stainless steel sink but if you are afraid about scratches Granite one will be good for you.

As for the tap, there is no such big problem with scratches and black stainless steel will look good with granite sink.

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